Make a Difference

Senior advisors in Iran are threatening to name Western officials to whom bribes were paid to seal the Iran peace deal. Oh Yes. Please do. We all know which side of politics has absolutely nothing to […]

It seems a simple enough solution; to reduce debt, reduce spending. This graph from Australia’s IPA (Institute of Public Affairs) shows just how effective a one percent reduction in overall spending would be, wiping out the […]

Firstly, that very strange girl from Israel won the Eurovision Song Contest. Not a song or a style that appeals to me, but nonetheless, well done. This means next year’s Contest will be held in Jerusalem. […]

“New reports reveal a deadly wave of gun violence in Chicago, with nearly forty people shot in three days. A 15-year old boy, a young mother, and even a four-year-old girl sitting on her porch have […]

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad has agreed to allow Christians to build churches in Saudi Arabia. If this is accurate, it is a remarkable breakthrough. Muhammad said that no religions other than Islam should be permitted on […]

South Korean President Moon Jae-in says President Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for bringing about the new rapport between North and South Korea, and for getting North Korea to agree to dismantle its nuclear arms […]

“A driver who flipped the bird at a traffic camera is about to be a jailbird. A court in England has sentenced Timothy Hill, 67, to eight months in prison after he was caught using an […]

American River, South Australia: there is something wonderful about living in a community where the most exciting thing that happens all week, the front page news story, is ten people wanting to save an old tree. […]

If Hamas would spend money on infrastructure instead of destruction, and if Hamas wanted to live in peace with its neighbours, Gaza could be a paradise. As long as hating Jews is more important to Hamas […]